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S.Arch is a dynamic design and construction firm, built on shared dedication to collaboration, innovation in design, and extreme focus on streamlined management. We have been directly involved in challenging and complex commissions in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, including a variety of work in fields:




What our clients want is not just a building, but an enlightening experience through the perception of space. Our designs are based on the exploration and understanding of their visions.


Since our addition of construction capabilities to our menu of services, we have seen a myriad of projects come to life with the same integrity and strength as the relationships behind them.


We work holistically with a top-notch group of consultants and subcontractors through our personalized process. The final products are high-quality projects that naturally reflect our clients’ dreams.

Project Management.

Our team can oversee all aspects of design and construction while providing expert insight on the most essential tasks to deliver all our projects on time and within budget.

A new level in

Through innovative design and laser-focused project management, our multidisciplinary, full-service firm can walk clients through every step of the project smoothly. Our expertise, combined with our team of top-notch consultants and sub-contractors ranges from the design and management of very small projects to large-scale multi-use building design, and construction of commercial and residential work.

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